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10 Awkward Moments in Homeschooling & A New Give-Away!

According to the most recent census about 3% of American children are homeschooled. It’s a growing movement, to be certain, but still far from “the norm.”  Many, if not most, people in this country live their whole lives without even ever meeting a homeschool family. Therefore their perceptions are based on those folks “on the […]

Year 3, Day 1: 115 Reasons Why We’re Still Homeschooling

People have been asking for a few weeks now, “when will school start for you?” Here’s the thing. (Shhh! Don’t tell our kids!) School never stopped for us. The formal parts did. We backed off of math lessons and classes like band and theater break during summer but we still kept learning all summer long. […]

Homeschool, Virtual School, Un-school, Co-Op: What does it all mean? (Part 2)

  In Part One of this post I talked about what Virtual School is and a traditional method of homeschooling I refer to as “curriculum-based homeschooling.”  That is how our own homeschool adventure began but, in time, we moved on to a more eclectic approach. Eclectic schooling is taking bits and pieces of everything and […]

Homeschool, Virtual School, Un-school, Co-Op: What does it all mean?

I can’t tell you how many times over the past few years I’ve been asked some version of this question: “You’re homeschooling now? How do you know what to teach? And how do you know how to teach it?” We are entering our third year of homeschooling. There are a LOT of people out there with a […]

Homeschooling With A Side of Public

Two years ago, we thought long and hard about pulling our daughter out of public school. When we’d lived in the city we had a lot of choices as to where she could attend but when we moved to a small town the choices dried up. There was the local public school, there was the […]

Talking To Kids About 9/11 – A Book Review of “Eleven” by Tom Rogers

***This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission from products purchased via these links.*** It’s hard to imagine, but school-aged children today either weren’t born yet when 9/11 happened or they were too young to remember it.  How do you talk about such a tragedy with young kids? Recently, I was asked to […]

Summer’s Coming! – Online Tools & Apps For Summertime Learning

Summer is coming! Thank God! It was a long, harsh winter around here and even those of us who love the snowy months are relived to see the sun again.  Of course, children everywhere are starting to get ants in their pants as the days get longer and warmer. They know that the end of […]

Learning Chemistry, Physics and Math in the Garden – Part 2

Agriculture is science. If you’re growing something – whether flowers in a pot on the windowsill or vast fields of vegetables – you’ve got a ready-built classroom. There are some obvious lessons: What does a seed require to sprout? How do plants “eat and drink” from the soil? Which animals are harmful/helpful to plants? Etc.  […]

“123 Tracing” Review – A Great App For Preschoolers

*This is a sponsored post. I was compensated to offer my honest review of this product. I am a big fan of keeping young children outdoors and encouraging them to move their bodies and play.  I’m also a realist.  We live in an electronic world and our children need to grow up knowing how to […]