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Five Questions That Make This Homeschooling Mama Crazy (Nablopomo Day 9)

*This post is Day Nine of the January Nablopomo 30-day blogging challenge hosted by BlogHer. I don’t mind when non-homeschoolers ask me questions about our choices. I know that the vast majority are coming from a place of genuinely seeking understanding about a lifestyle they are unfamiliar with. I get it. It’s kind of fun […]

The Empathy Way – A Review

I believe that humans, from an extremely young age, have an extraordinary capacity to be empathetic. I can remember my own children, as tiny infants, being upset when I was upset or calm when I was calm. Of course, the other side of that coin is that we can be very selfish creatures. My preschooler […]

Then And Now: How Being A Public School Kid Turned Me Into A Homeschool Parent

My best friend will tell you that public school cheated her out of a real education. Her husband will say the same x1000 and, in his case especially, I think he may be right. He’s a remarkably bright guy and a quick and eager learner that got marginalized for all the wrong reasons.  As for […]

You Can’t Say That! (Part 2)

A few days ago we kicked off “Banned Book Week” with 10 powerful quotes about censorship. Today I’d like to share with you a few of my personal favorites that have been banned, challenged or censored over the years.  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – by Mark Twain Huck […]

You Can’t Say That! (Part 1)

Each year the Intellectual Freedom of The American Library Association declares one week, “Banned Book Week.”  This year it runs from September 21-27.  You may not think that such a thing is necessary here in the Land Of The Free, but the reality is that even in this day and age books as varied as […]

10 Awkward Moments in Homeschooling & A New Give-Away!

According to the most recent census about 3% of American children are homeschooled. It’s a growing movement, to be certain, but still far from “the norm.”  Many, if not most, people in this country live their whole lives without even ever meeting a homeschool family. Therefore their perceptions are based on those folks “on the […]

Year 3, Day 1: 115 Reasons Why We’re Still Homeschooling

People have been asking for a few weeks now, “when will school start for you?” Here’s the thing. (Shhh! Don’t tell our kids!) School never stopped for us. The formal parts did. We backed off of math lessons and classes like band and theater break during summer but we still kept learning all summer long. […]

Homeschool, Virtual School, Un-school, Co-Op: What does it all mean? (Part 2)

  In Part One of this post I talked about what Virtual School is and a traditional method of homeschooling I refer to as “curriculum-based homeschooling.”  That is how our own homeschool adventure began but, in time, we moved on to a more eclectic approach. Eclectic schooling is taking bits and pieces of everything and […]

Homeschool, Virtual School, Un-school, Co-Op: What does it all mean?

I can’t tell you how many times over the past few years I’ve been asked some version of this question: “You’re homeschooling now? How do you know what to teach? And how do you know how to teach it?” We are entering our third year of homeschooling. There are a LOT of people out there with a […]

Homeschooling With A Side of Public

Two years ago, we thought long and hard about pulling our daughter out of public school. When we’d lived in the city we had a lot of choices as to where she could attend but when we moved to a small town the choices dried up. There was the local public school, there was the […]